Hensonville, NY

Nestled in the great Catskill Mountains, Hensonville, New York is one of the great American towns that often gets overlooked. Beautifully situated in the Catskills, the surrounding countryside is spectacular. With horseback rides, and long nature hikes available throughout the year, this is a great place to experience nature at it's best. For those who love winter sports, Hensonville is close to both ski and snowboarding areas.

In town, visitors and residents will find several well rated resturants and shops featuring many of the local area's artists. Public museums and libraries are open weekly for the art lovers in any family. With all that Hensonville has to offer, it is now gaining recognition as a great place to either raise a family, or to simply take a vacation.

Hensonville Vacation Rentals

Hensonville offers many types of vacation rentals sure to fit everyone. For those looking for something more than a room in one of the many inns or bed and breakfasts, a cabin or even a vacation home may be a better fit. Vacation rental properties can range from a simple one room cabin to a luxury home looking out at the mountains, there is something for every taste and budget. A four bedroom,two bath home in the Catskills can be rented for $385 a night, or longer term rental agreements can be reached. For the winter sports enthusiast, beautiful winter chalets can be enjoyed for only $1,400 a week.

Hensonville homes for sale

For those looking for their dream home in a family friendly environment, Hensonville is a great choice. With panoramic views, fresh air, and plenty of family friendly activities, many are choosing Hensonville as their home. Hensonville homes for sale, and the properties in the surrounding towns, tend to be on larger acreage than in other larger cities. The large yards, and spacious country house help to give the home owner a sense of family. Large yards provide plenty of room for outdoor games. A six bedroom, four full bath, single family home set on 1.2 acres can sell for $299,000, while a smaller two bedroom home on a small lot can be found for $98,000. No matter your taste in family homes, Hensonville,NY has a home for you.

With 63 schools to service Hensonville and the surrounding towns, panoramic views, and plenty of activities going on year round, it is easy to see why Hensonville, New York is making a name for itself. Whether you are looking for a vacation rental, or a family home, you can find it in Hensonville.

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